Its been a while…

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Whenever I’m actually studying, things like this tend to take a back seat. I’ve never had much staying power with keeping a diary either – I tend to find that if I’m busy living life, I don’t have time to write about it.

I have, however, still had many daydreams about the possible ways my career could go. At the moment, its actually looking pretty positive! I now have an agent, so moving to London definitely seems like the best bet. I have someone I can live with, and have been looking into various paying the rent type jobs to go alongside acting. And I have what might be a promising drama related job opportunity! Life is looking like things may actuallly turn out the way I want them to.

Here’s hoping this won’t be too jeopardised by the arts cuts and the changes to DLA. More on my fears of that at a later date.


My Friend the Casting Director

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I am very lucky in terms of contacts. The friend in question is someone I have known since I was about 10 years old, and like me, is about to go into her third year. I am staying with her and her twin sister for the weekend, and I have learnt SO much about that side of the industry since then. Plus she says she is happy for me to email her begging for advice. Also, hopefully she will remember if she is casting for disabled roles. It is very exciting, and I want more than ever to just graduate already and start putting the first of my many plans into practice.

Plan C

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(Or possibly the second part of plan B, depending on how plan B turns out)

Move home. Join an Extras agency. Use the Arts Council Website, to find acting related jobs in my area. Hope my parents will let me live at home rent free, so can afford to take acting jobs that don’t pay, but might get seen by the right people. Hopefully get a fair amount of extras work so can start saving, although what I’m saving for, I’m not quite sure yet. Use my inheritance money to take a course in British Sign Language(if I’m going to get into the disabled side of theatre, would be a useful asset) Hopefully get an agent and some paid local acting work. Get a fairly long running acting job, in order to move out. In this particular plan, I hope to only be living at home for a further year.