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Actors with Chronic Pain!

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I have spoken to someone at Graeae and actors with chronic pain do exist! Just knowing that they exist is a massive relief – I didn’t know it was even possible. And also, the industry is in a lot of ways easier than training – there are more support systems in place, and its more flexible. There is hope.


Spacking up is the Blacking up of the 21st Century

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I hope that was spelt right!

I just had a discussion in the pub on this issue – the phrase I picked up from Mat Fraser’s character on Cast-Offs – and struggled to get people over to this view. Why is it people think that its OK to have able bodied people to play disabled actors?!

Don’t Play Me Pay Me

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This campaign, is, unsuprisingly, very important to me. Anyone out there who is even vaugley interested in how few disabled characters there are in television and films, or the fact they are often played by able-bodied actors, should check out the campaign website: Progress is being made, but more needs to be done.Sign up to Lizzy’s List and show your support.

Easter Weekend

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A time to reflect, go to church, eat chocolate and spend time with family.

Its actually my favourite religious festival, but thats neither here nor there.

My 84 year old gran has been staying with us since Wednesday. My pain has been flaring up again, so much so, that she is more mobile than I am.

This is hardly fair.

Right now, I’m off to church, to celebrate the ironically named, Good Friday.

Sitting in a freezing cold stone building sounds like a brilliant idea for chronic pain that gets worse in the cold.

And I can’t even take part in the drama! 

This bodes well…

Doctor Who

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New series starts tomorrow! Just heard a teaser thingamabob on Radio 1. Am VERY excited.

My dream job would be to be a companion of Doctor Who. Though I don’t reckon I could hack all that running. Maybe they could fashion me a wheelchair that does what the Daleks can – you know, float up stairs and stuff.

However, I think a disabled companion – or doctor for that matter – is a long way off. They haven’t had one that isn’t white yet!


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I am hoping this is the theatre company that will change my life, by showing me that its possible to have a chronic pain condition and still perform. No pressure or anything.

Check out their website:

I’m checking in with them next week for some advice. Watch this space.