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Plan A

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When I perform my showcase I will get an agent. Through that agent I will get auditions, and get my first acting job. Preferably something for at least 3 months so I can afford to rent somewhere in London(or elsewhere, if my job is elsewhere) A job with a repetory company would be perfect. Or a contract with Radio 4 and I can be on The Archers, or do some afternoon plays. But basically anything that means it is worth me renting somewhere, and that breaks me into the industry. Despite this being all I want, it is very unlikely, so I am figuring out a variety of other options.


Planning my Life

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This is my last summer before I graduate, so I am trying to figure out my options for when I do.

First, my dream jobs!

Either working for the RSC or the Globe’s Company(I am a massive Shakespeare Groupie)


Becoming the new Doctor Who Assistant, with a wheelchair that flies like the Daleks.

Next Time: Plan A(My preferred and slightly more realistic first plan…)

Money Money Money Part 2

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These things could be taken as advice, but they’re just the things I do to save money.

Firstly – I have a good relationship with my parents! This means I can stay at home and therefore have free food – and alcohol – over the summer, if I’m spending time with them. And enjoy it! We do lovely family things like playing board games ūüôā It also means I get a lovely free holiday to the South of France, with¬†lots of lovely free food and french wine. These aren’t the reasons I have a good relationship with my parents, but I recommend it as a way of saving money. So that covers savings of living costs, and holidays.

Secondly, I am friends with the landlord and family of my local pub. Which means free drinks fairly often when I go there. I also sometimes go with my parents, and they also like to provide me with drinks. Also lots of the old pantomime group I was in go there, and as they are proper grownups(not students) they also buy me drinks. That covers nights out.

I also have various things to do on my own that are a brilliant distraction and cost no money. Firstly, I am a big T.V addict. Buffy re-runs on Sky are a great friend on mine.(Sky also paid for by my parents) Secondly, I own the Sims 2. I recommend this as an investment, as it can while away hours of your time. I combine it by listening to radio shows and plays on iplayer, so I feel like I’m being cultured. Thirdly, I am a book addict. And with lovely weather such as we have, I am happy to spend the days getting a tan in the sunshine. I am a new member of Which is a book swapping service – a good way to exchange easy reads that you’re not going to return to for other things that make holiday reading. I also have a mother with a similar reading taste, which makes it even easier to spend lots of time reading, and run out of no money doing it.

I am also going to avail myself of “A Night Less Ordinary” which provides free theatre¬†tickets to those between 18-26¬† – especially as by next summer it probably won’t apply! Hopefully I can find some that won’t cost too much in Bristol!

I can also strongly recommend having other friends trying to save money, because collectivley you will think of cheap/free things to do.Like just popping round for a cup of tea and a chat, or finding friends who like to play board games, or going and visiting pretty places in the sunshine. As most of my friends are students, this is  something I should be able to avail myself of!

Today I have visited my friend and her new baby and will be spending the rest of the day unpacking, doing some writing and spending some time with family. And possibly sunbathing with a book. All free and all fun! ūüôā I am recession ready!

Money Money Money

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As an aspiring actor, it shouldn’t surprise you that money is something often on my mind. Add to that I’m a student, its a recession, and as my disability affects my mobility the usual part time work actors have(bar, waitressing) means that ways of making, and of saving it, are big considerations of mine.

Last night I watched Moneywatch(BBC2) Very informative in terms of ways to make extra cash – the odd thing I didn’t quite understand, but there are some which I think might come in useful. Such as taking part in competitions that you can win money off – the more you do, the more you win. I am on summer holidays now, so can spend plenty of time trying to get some free stuff. The other thing suggested is to take in people’s ironing. So I plan to improve my ironing skills this summer, so it’ll be something I can offer.

My current summer job is babysitting for a few different families. My “home home”(as in not at drama school home)¬†is in¬†a village with quite a close community, so I’ve managed to get a fair amount of work by word of mouth. Being part of a church where there are children is very useful for this one! However, this is my last summer until I graduate, and although I am considering moving back home for a year, I feel if I go back to babysitting then it will feel like a step back. Though any money is money, and no need to worry about that now! Except I do, and that is the topic of this particular blog.

Having realised that this is my last summer holiday – unless I become a teacher – I am trying to use my time productively, in a way that will help in the future.

The first of these plans is to attempt stand-up. We had some lessons in this as part of our comedy module, and our teacher sold this as a career. Its self-employed, so flexible, it leads to plenty of other opportunities, and you can take the complete credit for any performance you do.¬† His lessons, and his book, makes it all seem very easy to do. So I am trying to spend at least an hour a day on writing, and will be trying out some open mike nights from next week – hopefully. If I’m good at it, and it doesn’t make me feel sick(as it does to lots of other people who tried it) then I can use this summer to get practice, and get myself known. And if I’m lucky, make some money.¬† My plan B for when I graduate(plan A being offered some amazing lucrative job.¬†Or any vaguely related to performing job) is to move back home, and focus on stand-up for a while. So this summer’s a tester run. In case I need a plan C.

The second of these plans is to make myself known to local theatre companies, small theatres, music centres and the like.  Possibly do some volunteering, be polite and charming, so next year, when I move home due to the lack of job offerings, there might be a couple of things that could pay my way. At least for a little while.

So thats my summer. Other than resting, I will be making actual money, getting experience and making contacts. Writing it all down makes me seem much more together than I appear in person. Ah well.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my money saving choices for this summer! Fun fun fun!

Anti-Depressants mean No Jury Duty

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Yesterday, we had a lunch to celebrate my mum’s ordination at our village hall. My godmother, who has severe depression, was there and was questioning my dad, on the above subject.¬† She recently was called up for jury duty, and had to fill in a form. She said that she took anti-depressents, and they told her she WAS NOT ELIGIBLE.¬†

Firstly, this is a huge discrimination against people with mental illness(along the lines of the whole lunatics can’t vote thing)¬†

And secondly, I for one am a hell of a lot saner on anti-depressents than I was prior to them. So the whole system is illogical to boot. 

I googled to find out why and the people who can’t serve on a jury are:

  • ¬†Anyone on bail or that has previous convictions or has served a prison sentence.


  • If you are currently or have in the past suffered from a mental health problem. This includes if you are in a hospital, visit a doctor for treatment regularly, or you are in guardianship under section 7 of the Mental Health Act 1983


In the past.  So you have recovered from mental illness Рwhich is possible, and very common with things like depression Рbut you are not allowed to serve on a jury.

To illustrate how stupid this is, I¬†will tell you about my mother. Who has just been ordained and will have to look after people’s welfare etc…and has¬†a history of depression with psychosis.

She can be a priest, but she can’t serve on a jury?!

I am off to make a request for this law to be repealed.

Not Standing in Church

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My mum got ordained as a Deacon today(for those who don’t know, its the step before becoming a fully fledged vicar – you can’t give communion yet) The service was held in Bristol Cathedral, followed by a lunch in my village. It was lovely ūüôā

I was very aware of staying sat down, when my Grandparents managed to stand at all the appropriate moments. I am a part-time wheelchair user, but wasn’t using it today, so this fact may have seemed suprising to anyone who could see me staying sat. If I wanted to push myself I could have managed to stand for the important bits. You know, the Gospel and whatnot. However, after years of bad legs, and months of being an almost permanent wheelchair user(I’m just coming out of a 6 month flare up) standing up to show respect means less now. My respect for the service doesn’t need to be shown by standing. God knows what you’re thinking anyway, I don’t think standing will trick him :p

Being the Poor Little Cripple Girl.

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Some phrases used by my head of couse. With my interpretation of what that really means in brackets.

“Of COURSE you can have a rehearsal” *hefty pat on the shoulder* (It just won’t be one with a teacher. Oh and some of your cast is needed for the “real” performance. Because yours is only a little extra thing anyway. It doesn’t really count)

“Can we meet up to organise you’re extra combat?” (If I¬†call it extra then you’ll feel¬†like I’m giving you a massive favour, so won’t mind when the lessons are repeatedy¬†cancelled¬†)

“Rest up! Maybe you’ll feel better after the holidays and we won’t have to make all these changes!” (Because it would be so much easier if I didn’t have to make them. I’ve only made them cos otherwise I’ll get fired. And you don’t look disabled anyway, so surely it’ll just disappear?)

“I’ll sort it!”(Shit, I thought if I kept “forgetting” to change room¬†bookings to somewhere accessible she’d eventually stop pestering me about it)

“Let’s make that happen!” (Well, you make that happen. I can’t really be bothered. I’ve got alot more important things to do than make silly adjustments for your sake)

*disclamer* I am not a telepath. The brackets are purely speculation on my (cynical) part.