I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome(Classical). This causes me to be hypermobile, and not in a fun way. In the fun way some people have – you can do cool party tricks like dislocating your thumb to freak people out. My hypermobility causes me chronic pain instead.  I have an electric wheelchair(called Betty) to help get me around on bad days. Which is currently most days. I also take a wonderful concoction of painkillers, which make me sleepy and my brain a bit fuzzy.

I’m in my second year at drama school, which has been a mission and a half. What was a bad pain day 2 years ago, is a good pain day for me now. Long hours, more stress, and living in a house with no double glazing have taken their toll.  However, acting is still my passion in life, though I’m sure my body would rather it wasn’t.

In the past couple of years, disabled actors have started making their mark. I’ve yet to come across any blogs about it though. I also haven’t heard of any that have a chronic condition. So I figured I would fill that hole in the market!


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